A Leader in Aluminum Extrusions, Shapes and Profiles Standard and Custom Designs

PARAMOUNT EXTRUSIONS COMPANY has been providing aluminum extrusions to industries of the world for almost 60 years. Paramount offers great flexibility in solving aluminum profile needs; we provide secondary operations, we have a long list of standard sections, and we are known for rapid turn around times.

PARAMOUNT EXTRUSIONS COMPANY specializes in difficult requirements. We have no minimum order requirement making us the ideal choice for prototype or short run extrusions. We can also provide large quantities of the same material that we had provided a twenty-pound prototype run.

PARAMOUNT EXTRUSIONS COMPANY has worldwide experience. Three of our indirect extrusion systems are currently in operation in Great Britain. We ship our extrusion on a regular basis to mainland China.

I invite you to explore this website. Perhaps you will find an existing extrusion that may satisfy your particular requirement. If not, contact us. Most of the over 10,000 sections we have extruded defy conventional classification and we may already have a die available that can satisfy your exact extrusion need.

Best Regards,
Les Munson