PARAMOUNT EXTRUSIONS COMPANY has been providing aluminum extrusions to industries of the world for over 60 years. Paramount offers great flexibility in solving aluminum profile needs; we provide secondary operations, we have a long list of standard sections, and we are known for rapid turnaround times, and ability to manufacture some of the industry’s most difficult profiles. Our 3” indirect extrusion presses allow us to achieve tighter tolerances, with higher consistency then traditional direct extrusion presses. This along with the ability to run more complex profiles without issues, from .020” wall thickness to high tongue ratio semi-hollow profiles.


At Paramount Extrusions, we understand value and partnership. With our personal approach to beginning your project, or taking over existing product lines, the smallest design change can transfer to substantial savings for our client. Your sales representative has this design knowledge and will be working along with you during the design process. By working with your designs to identify improvements early on, we can create customized aluminum profiles that meet your precise needs—and save you time and money.

Our design and engineering services for custom aluminum extrusions does not cost you anything, and is part of our effort for creating a successful partnership.


Whether you need a simple shape, a complex hollow, or a highly customized profile, Paramount Extrusions can extrude it. With our indirect extrusion presses, combined with our consultative approach, we have the capability to handle your toughest aluminum extrusion challenges. Our objective is to provide you flawless on time results, and keeping our customers first is our primary objective to achieving this. We work closely with our clients to to insure we understand their needs from both us as a supplier, and the extrusion in which we are manufacturing. Additionally there are no minimums, we can supply as little as 23 pounds of a customized shape, which allows you the ability to get the right amount of product, right as you need it. Our smaller 3” presses allow us to easily manage quick die changeovers, unique production requirements and simpler quality control – which translates to you as a better product at a better price.


Aluminum offer many advantages, from unique profiles to conductivity, however one of its most reputable values is its extensive adaptability to fabrication and machining processes. With the lowest tooling costs in the world of metals, the high speed at which machining processes can be completed offer even greater labor cost savings. From automobiles to solar panels and store fixtures to electronics, aluminum can be found in nearly every industry. At Paramount, we understand your requirements and are constantly improving our capabilities to meet your growing requirements. With a variety of manual and automatic saws, drilling, deburring tools, manual and automated punch presses and press breaks we are confident that we can support your most demanding fabrication requirements. With our 60 years of experience we have worked with companies from a number of different industries with a variety of products, this knowledge allows us to better serve your needs as we better understand your demands.


We have learned over the 60 years of being in business that it is both more efficient and valuable to have a single source to perform all processes required of your extrusions. As part of our efforts to better serve our customers, we have the ability to offer powder and wet paint, anodize and polishing finishes. Anodizing and painted finishes are recognized as offering aluminum products not only aesthetics but as a valuable medium for extending the life of the aluminum and your end product. It is important to understand what finishes are right for your product, which is strongly derived by your use of the product. As with our process, our technical sales staff will work with you in identifying the best solution for your product.