Paramount Extrusions is a high-end, tight tolerance aluminum extrusion specialist. But we’re also more than that. We serve as a catalyst in making our customers’ vision a reality.

Paramount Extrusions is a high-end, tight tolerance aluminum extrusion specialist. But we’re also more than that. We serve as a catalyst in making our customers’ vision a reality.

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Relentless commitment to
customer success.

It starts with a passion to overcome the most challenging shapes and profiles. At Paramount we see ourselves as a dedicated ally, taking the time to understand customers’ aspirations and not stopping until they’re realized. We pride ourselves on being resourceful, consistently meeting tight timelines and resolving any issues that get in the way. Ultimately, we go beyond the technical aspects of the completed aluminum extrusion to its application’s success and our customers’ satisfaction.

Relentless commitment to <br/>customer success.

Leader in the most
difficult requirements.

With world-class expertise that spans our leadership team to the manufacturing floor, and our unique indirect aluminum extrusion process, Paramount empowers customers to achieve their boldest ideas more cost-effectively and efficiently. In comparison to traditional direct aluminum extrusion presses, our indirect approach allows for tighter tolerances with higher consistency. This includes solving for the most precise and lightweight profiles from thin .018” walls to intricate semi-hollow shapes. We’re also the ideal aluminum extrusion company for both prototype and short run extrusions, as well as large quantities.

Leader in the most <br/>difficult requirements.

Depth of expertise.

Our customers gain an advantage that can only come from experience forged by 70 years of crafting profiles that defy convention, and three generations dedicated to exacting excellence. From design to extrusion, and fabrication to finishing, our turnkey suite of solutions caters to the unique needs of each project, regardless of size. From simple shapes to complex hollows to highly customized profiles, Paramount can extrude it. We provide solutions to industries across the world, and proof of our quality is reflected in our AEC membership and AS9100 and ISO certifications.

Depth of expertise.

We are inspired by precision, driven to bring the most intricate concepts to life and help our customers win in their markets.

Pushing boundaries.
Shaping the exceptional.

We are anchored by our Purpose: To make our customers’ vision a reality. More than a statement, it's a commitment to transforming difficult concepts into tangible realities. As a dedicated aluminum extrusion company, our customers inspire us to achieve the exceptional, going above and beyond to deliver on the most challenging projects and most demanding profiles. Paramount is a place of teamwork, drive, agility, integrity, and excellence, and we're relentless about enabling customers to actualize their boldest ideas more cost-effectively and efficiently through innovative aluminum extrusion design and meticulous custom aluminum fabrication.

Pushing boundaries. <br/>Shaping the exceptional.
Three generations of precision.

Three generations of precision.

Founded by Charles Munson, carried forward by his son Les, and now under the leadership of grandson Cameron Munson, Paramount Extrusions has established itself as a leader in aluminum extrusions, mastering intricate shapes and unique profiles with over 10,000 dies crafted. Passed along three generations, our 70-year success story is highlighted by unrivaled experience across a range of industries. Our customers enjoy the confidence that comes from a dedication to precision and partnership, and DNA forged by years of crafting profiles that defy convention.

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