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Standard Profile: Rounds

Part NumberAWT/FT
Part Number2833A.188WT/FT.033
Part Number7856A.197WT/FT.037
Part Number7857A.236WT/FT.053
Part Number4731A.250WT/FT.059
Part Number4341A.252WT/FT.060
Part Number7858A.276WT/FT.072
Part Number1653A.285WT/FT.077
Part Number1603A.312WT/FT.092
Part Number7859A.315WT/FT.094
Part Number7860A.354WT/FT.118
Part Number1209A.375WT/FT.133
Part Number7861A.394WT/FT.146
Part Number7862A.472WT/FT.210
Part Number7446A.500WT/FT.235
Part Number7863A.551WT/FT.286
Part Number3469A.562WT/FT.298
Part Number7864A.591WT/FT.329
Part Number7447A.625WT/FT.368
Part Number7865A.630WT/FT.373
Part Number5494A.688WT/FT.446
Part Number3470A.750WT/FT.530
Part Number7866A.787WT/FT.584
Part Number5035A.845WT/FT.672
Part Number7867A.984WT/FT.912
Part Number3552A1.000WT/FT.943
Part Number9254A1.181WT/FT1.314
Part Number9255A1.575WT/FT2.338

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